Rich’s Ratings on Saturday April 7 Tasting of: Cool California Wines with Paul from Opici

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Hey we actually have a themed tasting this weekend! All the wines are from California. We have a nice line-up of excellent values that are good canidates for Lamb, Ham, brisket, nothing for the latkas but I’d recommend Champagne, Riesling if you use apple sauce. We start at 3 with Paul and you know there will be some extra credit wine(s) to try. See you Saturday

Sebastiani Chardonnay Sonoma County 2010
88 Points – Wine Spectator, Web Only 2012
imho: It is done half in steel and half in oak and has a nice creamy feel with a touch of oak spice. It tends a little toward the sweet but all in all a nicely balanced wine in a very popular style.

Schug Carneros Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County 2009
89 Points – Wine Enthusiast, December 2010
imho: I loved it, the Schug recieves some lees contact and some rest in neutral oak which gives the wine an creamy texture without tasting like it wants to be a Chardonnay. The wine shows nice grapefruit and a hint of herbs upfront balanced by the nice roundness from the little bit of barrel age. Very complex and intriguing for a California Sauvignon Blanc

Sebastiani Merlot Sonoma County 2007
87 Points – Wine Enthusiast, March 2011 
imho: Better than I expected, it has some guts and grip and actually needs a little air to tame the tannins. It has lots of structure for such an inexpensive California Merlot. Sebastiani is a high quality value brand in my book. Highly recommended

Vina Robles Cabernet Sauvignon Huerhuero Paso Robles 2008
90 Points – Wine Enthusiast, August 2011
I think Steve Heimoff (at the Enthusiast) missed the mark. I was a little disappointed, a little to fat and fruity for me, I’m thinking Paso is a little too hat for good Cab. It was popular and sold well at the tasting but was not my cup of tea.

Badge Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills 2006
A relatively new Pinot Noir  by Kris Curran (former winemaker at Sea Smoke) and Bruno D’Alfonso (former winemaker at Sanford). I loved it. The color is a little pale but the wine has lots of stuffing. It opens up with about a half hour to breathe. The nose is powerful, very important with Pinot with fresh berry notes but underlying qualities of brush and some dried fruits like currants. It has developed those secondary characteristics of a Pinot with  a little age that people like to call Burgundian. For me the Schug Sauv Blanc and the Badge Pinot stole the show!

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