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Mora’s Fine Wine is now an:

We offer the best price on the internet with free shipping and superior service. Ravenscroft Crystal is the world leader in manufacturing fine leadfree  crystal.  They’ve produced  crystal at their European facility for the past 129 years and for decades have produced the wonderful wine specific glasses and beautiful decanters for some of the world’s most famous crystal brands. In 1999  they decided to go directly to the consumer and launched their own brand. Going forth with the philosophy that “a wine glass should be invisible” they produce a wide range of specific glasses. We think  The Invisibles Collection best represents the spirit and the great value of the Ravenscroft brand. Here are two fairly recent reviews of these glasses:
June 10, 2010 post at drinknectar http://drinknectar.com/2010/06/10/does-this-glass-make-my-wine-look-fat/

and the May 10, 2010 post at 1winedude

Mora’s is proud to sell the complete line of Ravenscroft glassware right on our site, and remember, the glass really does make a difference.

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