Free Saturday Wine Tasting: Close to Home with Jamesport Vineyards

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 Come by Saturday July 30th and taste 6 wines from  Jamesport Vineyards. We proudly support our fine local wineries  and Jamesport has been in our stable of Long Island Wines for many vintages. It is fun to visit the wineries but there are practical considerations.  See us instead on Saturday, starting at 3pm: save yourself a  drive, taste for free and get much lower prices than the winery! (See the line up). OK, we don’t have the petting zoo or the folk singers but you have Mora’s entertaining staff to kibbitz with. See you on Saturday.


4 of the 6 wines  being poured tomorrow bear a scallop shell on the label. This indicates that part of the proceeds from sales of these wines go to SPAT. A SPAT is sort of a shellfish embryo and it also stands for Southold Project in Aquaculture Training. No they don’t teach synchronised swimming, they promote “water farming” to ensure we have lots of delicious local seafood like scallops. Check out the site.

Half Price on Select Long Island Wines

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From one of our go to Long Island Wineries in Cutchogue we got a great buy on Pellegrini Vineyards  Chardonnay 2007  and Pellegrini Vineyards Merlot 2006, 1/2 price to be exact. So take advantage of this great deal while it lasts. The Chardonnay received an 88 rating from Winespectator. We tasted customers on both wines last Saturday and the wines were very well received. The Chardonnay drinks like a nice Macon and the Merlot shows intense cherry flavors and has developed nicely in the bottle. Read more about Pellegrini Vineyards.

“The Wine Was Summer Caught and Stoppered”-R. Bradbury part II

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Since the last post about this subject it occurred to me what the connection between Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine and really memorable (good) wines is. Of course I thought about it while sipping a truly memorable wine. The key ( besides winemaking and juice quality) is a sense of the people and the places, and maybe even  the period of time associated with the wine. A wine means much more when its scents and flavors connect you to the vineyard, the place, the people and the culture that made it. My experience is limited to one trip to wineries in Spain. It was enough to convince me of this when I retasted  very familiar wines  within the realm of the vineyards and wineries that created them. It is reinforced the travelers that swear to me the exact same wine drunk here tastes better when drunk in the country it came from, or how good the local plonk is, even though its just plonk. Bradbury of course weaves a fine tapestry of the images of summer and likens his Grandpa to some wizard concocting a potion from his special field of dandelions using special water, fresh off the hydrologic cycle, resulting in a potion with special healing powers for the soul and the body. The principle is taken to a fantastic degree but it is still a valid principle. In some cases the associations may be about the wine itself, the vines and the terroir that produced it or it can simply be coincidental to a special occasion or particularly good time. The strength of scent and taste memories as opposed to cognitive memories is an important part of this.

“The Wine Was Summer Caught and Stoppered”-R. Bradbury

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I loved the Dandelion Vineyards Riesling. The range of subtle flavors and aromas are as evocative as Ray Bradbury’s lovely chapter in “Dandelion Wine” its only 3 pages long and the actual wine made from dandelions probably tastes like weedkiller, but the idea of bottling summer and feeling its warmth in the the winter as well as the lush prose is really lovely. read it while you sip a really good wine. The Dandelion Vineyard Riesling from the Eden Valley in Australia is sourced from vines older than the setting for Bradbury’s book (summer 1928). The flavors and aromas of this (very) old vines DRY Riesling swim are quite heady, you get all sorts of citrus, tree fruit and tropical fruit hints from lime to peach pit to quince, then mineral notes of limestone and wet pebbles in a cold stream. It is delicate yet intense with laser like, focused acidity. Really an amazing wine from a the very interesting Dandelion Vineyards Winery. Pick up the  Dandelion Vineyards Riesling 2010 on Sale

Colin Kroehn 90 year old vine farmer… …and the 99 year old Riesling vines he’s cared for for most of his life at Dandelion Vineyards

Today’s Wine Tasting: Nothing but Nineties

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Since the temperature and humidity hit 90 or better, we put together a tasting of wines all rated 90 points or better! Check out today’s line up. We’ll be pouring great wines from Monterey and the Russian River Valley, an amazing Mendoza Malbec blend, a lovely organic wine from a “bio-dynamic village” in Provence (Correns) and more. Stop by, cool off and make off with some cool wines and cool deals.

Wine of the Day: New From Jamesport… New to Mora’s

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Jamesport Cinq Blanc

We’ve been big fans of the red Cinq and Jamesport Vineyards from Out East has just released a lush and intriguing sister called Cinq Blanc. Its also  blended from five (cinq) white varieties
and is now available in the shop to cool you off. More details about “Cinq Blanc”

Dick’s Pick: A Summer Classic for Sure! Dry Riesling Rated 96 Points On Sale

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Just arrived along with the hot days and perfect for light fare,seafood or simplysummer sipping, this dry Australian Riesling has just the right zing to cool off the most parched palates. We offer it at 20% off, our deepest discount with no minimums to buyonly to our email recipients, the sale price is good through Thursday August 4 while supplies last.
Rich Mora

Wine of the Day: Madeira M’Dear!

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Boston Bual Madeira from the Rare Wine Co. is in stock and becoming one of my favorite
libations. It is nutty, toffee-ish, raisiny, spicy and I honestly go back and forth on the issue of sweetness.
Its hard to figure out or to put down.

Weekend Tasting: White White, Red Red Red

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We have a bevy of beauties ready for Saturday so stop by for some sips and giggles with the staff and friends
The line up is great, worth looking at just for the labels. We bounce your palate around
from the Pacific Northwest to Spain to South America to Australia to run your taste buds over a broad
swath of great wines. We figure we’ll have something for everyone, If you like a lighter red taste the Grenache
if you want a big, chewy Shiraz we’ll pour you a blockbuster from Mitolo. Get the idea? So stop by
enjoy some really nice wines and if you like them they are all discounted 15-20%.
See you Saturday.

Wine of the Day: Schloss Muhlenhof Silvaner Dry 2007

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Silvaner Dry

“The wine for Asparagus!” Crisp, stone scented Silvaner is famed in Germany as the “go to” grape for this inscrutably difficult wine match. And that’s just the start. Well ripened Silvaner , when babied by a caring vintner with a Riesling worthy site, can astound even the most finicky foodie. There’s little save red meat that this minx of a variety can’t improve at the table.
-The Winemaker
The 2007 is drinking great now with a little age the zingy citrus flavors have rounded out a bit and the stone fruit qualities are complemented with a hint of almond. a beguiling and fresh tasting wine by itself, with seafood, with salads or of course with asparagus.