No Rhyme, No Reason, Just an Unbelievable Price Part I

Weekly Wine & Spirit Specials

Our first 50% sale on special buys we made went very well the bubbly was plentiful so there is a little left. We have left the Lenoble Brut Nature which is “bruter” than brut or the most dry. Brutish if you will. It is really good with zesty lemon rind and mineral notes. An ample clean finish which lingers very nicely and it takes very fresh and vibrant. definitely a steal at $22.49

Please don’t feel bad we are still making a profit on it so get it while you can.

Domaine A R Lenoble Brut Nature Dosage Zero NV

A R Lenoble Brut Nature Dosage Zero NV
Special $22.49 regular price $4.99
90 points Winespectator
89 points Wine Advocate
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