Whiskey and Girl Scout Cookies – A Match Made in Heaven!

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This month’s Whiskey Wednesday is a doozy! Not only will we be featuring some of our favorite American whiskies, Zach will be sampling TWO signature cocktails, and our food pairing is…. drumroll please… delicious Girl Scout cookies!
We’ve always believed that cookies, cakes, and pies are the best food to pair with whiskey, and the Tagalongs and Samoas we’ll be sharing with you are the perfect complement to these delicious American whiskies!



First up we have a quintessential American Bourbon. Simple, classic, and effective, this three-grain bourbon is equal parts spicy and smooth. Made in small batches and aged in charred oak, it’s a perfect streamlined whiskey for you traditionalists.

Next we have the Gunpowder Rye, a whiskey whose flavor is as its explosive as its name. Distilled in small batches and aged in copper pots, this spicy whiskey is big and bold. It has a tinge of malt, with a long, chocolate and vanilla finish. Definitely goes great with our Girl Scout cookies!

Next up is a truly unique whiskey that you HAVE to stop by and try. The Beer Barrel Bourbon is aged in second-use Dragon’s Milk beer barrels. This lends a smooth, biscuity flavor to the whiskey, with gentle toffee and caramel notes on the finish.

Last but definitely not least is a smooth, herbal whiskey tinged with sweet honey flavors. The West of Kentucky Bourbon has an earthy, herbal nose. Its flavors are dripping with honey, molasses, allspice, and smoky charred oak, with a long and flavorful finish.

We hope to see you Wednesday, but if you can’t make it, you can shop all these fine American whiskies online!

Spanish Wines for Under $20!

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This week at our free weekly wine tasting, we’re featuring our favorite Spanish wines, and all are on sale for under $20!
Keep scrolling to learn more about these beauties, and as always, if you can’t make the tasting in person, you can still snag the deals online!

mouth-watering red on sale for $11!

juicy, elegant white with a silky texture, on sale for $15.29!

First up is a gorgeous 90-point Spanish red on sale for just under $19. 100% Tempranillo, it begins with a highly perfumed nose. It has broad, deep fruit flavors that are balanced nicely by tangy minerality. It has spicy, floral finish. If you’re not a fan of sweet wines but still like a ton of flavor, this one’s for you!

Next we have a highly-rated red on sale for $15. The Launa Seleccion Familiar is rated 91 points, and for good reason! Espresso, smoke, and licorice flavors dance down your palate, but this wine is kept lively and fresh by a bright note of acidity.
Next up is a gorgeous 90-point red on sale for $10!! The Bodegas Filon red is dark and juicy. Its fruit flavors are strong and bold, with a tinge of bitter chocolate on the end. It’s pleasantly sweet, with an energetic finish. This is an incredible deal, snag up a case or two when it’s on sale this week only!
The deals aren’t stopping - next up we have another great red for $11. This Petit Verdot Luzon is going to be your new favorite red, with its mouth-watering fruit flavors spiced up by an electric zing of black pepper. Layered with juicy cherry and moody licorice flavors, the finish has a hint of cherry on the end.
Our final red is the 91-point Gancedo. An absolute steal on sale for $16.99, you HAVE to stop in to try this one. It has deeply textured flavors of cedar, rose petal, Asian spice, and juicy cherry. Beautifully balanced, it’s definitely cellar-worthy.
Our Spanish white this week is the Nora Albarino, is vibrant, strong, and packed with flavor. With a silky texture, it has rich pear flavors tempered by honeysuckle and chamomile. It rides into a long, fresh finish.

A fabulous deal for $15.29!

We hope to see you Saturday from 3-6 for our free tasting! If you can’t make it, you can always shop our weekly specials online!


Our Favorite Italian Wines for Every Budget

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This week at our free weekly wine tasting, we’re featuring a curated selection of fine Italian wines for every budget. If you only have $10 to spend on wine this weekend, we’ve got one for you! If today was payday and you want to splurge, we’ve got one for you!
Keep scrolling to learn more about these beauties, and as always, if you can’t make the tasting in person, you can still snag the deals online!
First up is our “splurge” – though in the realm of wine splurges, this one is pretty affordable, and on sale for under $43. The Damijan Prelit Italian red is painstakingly crafted by its winemaker, Damijan Podversic. The nose is rich and layered, with cacao, smoke, and spices. The palate mirrors that structure, with a delicious balance of fruit, acidity, and tannins. There’s a slight earthy tone that transports you back to the terraced vineyard, with Podversic bottling wines by the light of the waning moon.
Next is another fine Italian red. The Kaltern Pfarrhof is a total steal at under $18/bottle – it’ll be one of your new favorites. The nose is like a freshly picked berry patch, full of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry aromas. The flavor is elegant, with an abundance of tannins that lead to a long, satisfying finish.
If you want a little sparkle in your life, definitely pick up a case of the Medici sparkling red. At $10 a bottle, it’s definitely in your budget! Rated 91 points by reviewer James Suckling, you can’t miss out on this one. It’s dry, fresh, and harmonious – not one of those cloying, overly sweet sparkling wines. Light and lively, it matches perfectly with your summer dinners on the patio.
And finally, if you’re in the mood for a good white, we’ve got you covered. The Langhe Arnes white is a perfect springtime wine for sipping in the park on a romantic picnic. Its fruitiness is well-balanced by hints of chamomile. The flavor is bright and lively – like a beautiful spring afternoon!
We hope to see you Saturday from 3-6 for our free tasting! If you can’t make it, you can always shop our weekly specials online!


FREE St. Patrick’s Day Whisky Tasting!

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The Leprechauns have taken over Mora’s and are hosting a FREE St. Patrick’s Day tasting with some of our finest Irish whiskys!
The true Irish and Irish-at-heart are already planning their St. Patrick’s Day plans. Stop by the shop from 4-7 on this most hallowed holiday to share a dram or two with our very own RichO’Mora. See the full lineup here, and keep scrolling for more info!
First up is Green Spot Single Pot Irish Whisky. (Say that ten times fast after a few fingers’ worth!) This whisky has won a whole slew of industry awards, and for good reason. Its nose has bright, aromatic oils with a background of toasted wood. The palate is full and spicy, with bright green apple sharpened by a hint of cloves and toasted oak. The finish is long and full of spices and barley.
If you’re a Jameson fan, you can’t miss out on the Jameson Black Barrel Reserve. It’s definitely recognizable as a Jameson whisky, but the flavors are deeper, richer, and more concentrated thanks to the toasted & charred bourbon barrels in which the whisky ages.
The Redbreast Single Malt Irish Whisky won a WHOPPING 96 points from Jim Murray, and the Gold Medal from the World Whiskies awards. Aromatic and warm, it’s classically gorgeous. Ginger, nutmeg, honey, cinnamon, and lemon zest dance down your palate, with each sip feeling like being embraced in a warm, fuzzy hug. A blast of pepper cuts through and leads to a warm, licorice finish.

Next, The “Writers’ Tears” whisky is sweet and light, like the tears of James Joyce as he labored over the umpteenth draft of “Ulysses.” The nose has hints of apple, vanilla, and honey with a gently spiced, butterscotch flavor. A perfect introductory whisky for those new to the spirit!

Finally, we have a delicious Welsh whisky to round out the tasting. Penderyn Madeira Aur Cymru is lush and creamy. Aromas of grape jelly and cream start it off, and lend themselves to sweet, toasty baking spice flavors. Sweet and delicious!
We’d love to see you on St. Paddy’s Day for our free Whisky Tasting!


Italian Wines with Donato!

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This week at our FREE weekly tasting, we’re featuring Italian wines with one of our favorite wine consultants, Donato.
Keep scrolling to learn more about these beauties, and as always, if you can’t make the tasting in person, you can still snag the deals online!
Langhe Nebbiolo - a bright and modern red
Manero Red – A perfect everyday drinking wine- on sale for $10!
First up is a delicious red from Fattoria del Cerro. The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is highly-rated across the board. Ripe, flashy, and opulent, it’s a great showpiece wine to bring to impress your in-laws. It has a fragrant, fruity aroma, but its flavor profile has surprising hints of mushroom and earth. If you’re having a dish with meat and mushrooms, this wine is the perfect pairing!
Next up is a slightly more modern, spicy red from Produttori del Barbaresco. It’s lean and clean, with bright fruit flavors sharpened by pepper and anise. Snag a bottle to spice up a delicious pizza pie for a high-low date night!
Next up is a kinder, gentler red: the 2014 Manero. It begins with floral and citrus aromas that develop into a full body with a savory finish. A really delicious wine, rated 93 points by reviewer James Suckling. On sale for $10, so snag a case!
Next up, we have another deep, earthy, mushroomy red. The Malma malbec is earthy and savory, yet also has a full body and juicy flavors. Wine reviewer James Suckling recommends drinking it now, and for $11 a bottle, you can’t miss it!
Finally, we have a great Italian white, the Greco di Tufo. Rated a whopping 95 points, It’s the perfect wine for spring! It has layered flavors of honey, dried lemon, and apples. Don’t let these sweet-sounding flavors deter you – this wine is very rich and deep with a long finish! A total steal at $17 a bottle!
We hope to see you Saturday from 3-6 for our free tasting! If you can’t make it, you can always shop our weekly specials online!


Wines that ROCK!

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Today, we’re featuring wines that ROCK!
We’re showing off some of our favorite wines made by rockstars – Roger Earl from Foghat and Maynard James Keenan from Tool, to be exact!
Foghat wines hail from Paso Robles in California. Foghat Cellars is a partnership between Roger Earl of Foghat and Tally Vineyards in Paso Robles. Roger is very involved in making the Foghat wines, but when he’s not touring with Foghat or making wine he lives right here in Setauket, where our shop is located!
Maynard James Keenan is best-known as the lead singer of metal band Tool, but is quickly gaining notoriety as an excellent winemaker! He owns Caduceus Cellars/Merkin Vineyards in Arizona. Their highly sought-after wines often sell out – we have very limited quantities!
A total classic of a cab at an excellent price! It has a rich palate with flavors of currant and cassis.  With a nice, long finish – and on sale for under $20, you can’t miss out!
This great Chardonnay has a deep, rich palate without being too heavy. Its refreshing tropical fruit and citrus flavors are warmed up with hints of vanilla and caramel. On sale for a total steal!
EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK! This is an excellent blend - 45% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 15%Mourvedre. The vineyard changes this blend every year, so snagging one of our very few bottles might be your only chance to try it out!
EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK! A hand-picked blend of  80% Nebbiolo and 20% Barbera. Caduceus Cellars’ team are total wine nerds, and they handpick and sort each and every grape that goes into each wine.
An enticing and gorgeous wine, its reviewer described it as a “Mountain Goddess.” This is one of Caduceus’s flagship wines. It’s made from 100% Arizona fruit – like bottling up Arizona desert and vibrant sunshine and pouring it into a glass!
EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK. This fantastic red has grapes sourced 100% from New Mexico. Big, meaty, and bold, it pairs excellently with beef and barbecue.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez with our Big Easy Wine!

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Get out your King Cake and beads – it’s almost Mardi Gras! 


Fess Parker’s “Big Easy” wine is a favorite for daily slurping. Inspired by New Orleans, it’s a substantial, meaty red that’s excellent paired with traditional New Orleans cuisine like gumbo!

This fantastic wine starts with complex, layered aromas of ripe fruit, smoked meat, and pepper. The palate is full of juicy fruit flavors sharpened by spicy notes and smooth dark chocolate. Its finish is long with chocolatey tannins.

Mention this post to receive 15% off a bottle of this fantastic wine – bring a bottle or two to your Mardi Gras party, or snag a case to drink year-round!

Want to try it out in person? Don’t miss our flash tasting happening this Friday!

Mora's Flash Tasting

Five Different Wines from Five Different Regions

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This week, we’re featuring five different wines from five different regions! Journey along with Mora’s as we taste delicious wines from Oregon, Washington, New Zealand, California, and Germany!
Keep scrolling to learn more about these beauties, and as always, if you can’t make the tasting in person, you can still snag the deals online!
Boom Boom Syrah out of Washington
Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc out of New Zealand


First up is the Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc out of New Zealand! Rated 90 points from Wine Spectator, it’s crisp, fruity, and exceptionally smooth. Zesty flavors of lime mix with nice gingery notes – would be fabulous with Thai or Asian food!
Next we have a standout, cellar worthy German white. Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Riesling is a 95-point Wine Spectator “Cellar Selection.” Extraordinarily light and nicely dry, it has tasty grapefruit flavors with a sharp mineral edge. If you’re a riesling fan, you need to try this one out.
Oregon Pinot Noirs are having a moment, and for good reason! The Stoller Pinot Noir is entirely state-grown with an excellent flavor for an excellent price. Rated 91 points, definitely pick this one up this week when it’s on sale!
Next we have a BOOM! Literally. The Boom Boom Syrah from Washington State lives up to its name. 90 points from Wine Spectator and on sale for under $15, you need to pick up a bottle or stop by for a taste! Deep, rich cherry and tobacco flavors are softened by lavender notes on the finish. Works excellently with rich, meaty stews or roasts!
Finally, we have the Four Vines Biker red out of California. Under $14 and rated 90 points, it’s a real gem! Edgy and dark, with rich cherry pie and maple bacon flavors, it’ll make your mouth water. Light and airy on the mouth with a huge boost of flavor, it’ll be one of your new favorites.
We hope to see you Saturday from 3-6 for our free tasting! If you can’t make it, you can always shop our weekly specials online!

The new German classifications: It’s not all Qualitatswien mit Pradikat anymore

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grosse gewaches GG TastingA few years ago the old (circa 1971) German wine classification got an update designed to take into account terroir which is an important European concept regarding a sense of place. The VDP has created the system of Grosse Gewachs or Grand Crus of Germany. These are the same folks that gave us the old Qualitatswien mit Pradikat rules which were base on purity laws governing the grapes used and winemaking methods.

       The Grosse Gewachs or GG wines are generally dry wines from the top vineyard sites and a wonderful GG tasting is conducted every year in Weisbaden, shown in the photo here, were the new vintage of these wines are carefully scrutinized by the who’s who of the wine world. The sense of place and the consensus on one vineyard being better than others with special identifiable character is much subtler than the straightforward kabinett-spatlese-auslese system which we are familiar with and gurantees ripeness levels, grape variety, apellation and vintage.

Mora’s will be tasting one of these Grand Crus Sat Feb 25

The Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Goldtropchen “GG” 2014 rated 95 points and cellar selection by Wine Enthusiast.

Reichsgraff Kesselstat GG

Mora’s Presents: Fun Wines that AREN’T Going to Win an Academy Award

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As the Academy Awards approach us, we got to thinking of Mora’s cool selection of wines with awesome pulp-movie labels. Not only do they taste great, they look pretty cool on your shelf!
Keep scrolling to learn more about these fun wines, and an extra wine that’s great to eat with popcorn – because it tastes LIKE popcorn!

Misfits Wine released Cycle Buff Beauty wine to wide acclaim. Rated 90 points and on sale for an affordable $18, it’s full of dark fruit and cola flavors that are sharpened by a hint of black pepper. It usually sells out pretty quickly, so make sure you snag a bottle now.

Beware of the alluring blonde on the front of this label – she looks innocent, but she’ll seduce you, beat you over the head with a frying pan, rob you blind, and drive off in her trailer. The wine, on the other hand, isn’t so bad. Rated 90 points by International Wine Seller, it starts with delicious aromas of cassis, berries, and spice. The flavor is round and sweet, with a little hint of pepper. A great wine for an excellent price!
Deep on the bottom of the ocean lives a terrifying creature that will crush the ship and soul of any unsuspecting sailor that dares cross its path. The only way to cope with this horror is by pouring yourself a generous glass of the Some Young Punks “The Squid’s Fist” wine. It starts with an expressive bouquet and has strong, bold fruit flavors with a long, zesty finish. Described by its reviewer as “dangerously gluggable,” you won’t want to miss out on this gem!
Don’t be distracted by its racy label – Naked on Roller Skates is delicious enough to stand (or skate) on its own. Rated 90 points by Vinous Media, it’s fully of juicy, deep flavors of fruit liqueur and chocolate. It finishes with smooth tannins and a satisfying length. *Moras is not responsible for any unclothed-on-rollerskates activity that results from drinking too much of this wine in one sitting.
Drink this wine with popcorn because it TASTES like popcorn! Rated 94 points,This is a true wine geek’s wine it is amazing. The current vintage is 2006, it is aged in BARREL for 4 YEAR before botling. The slow oxidation gives it the character of an aged Graves with amazing flavors or popcorn, toasted nuts and dried fruits. Definitely a wine of contemplation. Enjoy it at your Oscars party as you place bets on who’s going to wine Best Picture!