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  • Mora’s FREE Monthly Spirits Tasting! July 1

    Yeah, that’s right. We’re daring you.  If you’ve ever said, “Eh, I’m not really a gin person,” we DARE you to say that after trying our Monkey 47 Gin at our  FREE Monthly Spirits Tasting. This spectacular spirit is sure to convert any gin skeptics out there! This Monkey 47 Gin is super special. A good third of its forty […]

  • This Father’s Day, Get Dad What He Really Wants

    This Father’s Day, Get Dad What He Really Wants.  At our FREE Monthly Spirits Tasting on June 15 from 4-7. “Dad, this rum is as old as you!” Well, not quite, but it is pretty old. (Just like dad! Just kidding. Don’t tell him we said that). This is Gosling’s family reserve recipe – the ultimate sipping rum, reminiscent […]

  • Weekly Wine Tasting – Week of June 2

    What do Joan Jett and this week’s wine tasting have in common? CHERRY BOMB! At Mora’s FREE Weekly Wine Tasting, Saturday 5/27 from 3-6 PM, we’re featuring a selection of great summer wines, including a fresh rosé that’s bursting with ripe summer cherry flavors. This week at our free weekly tasting, we’re featuring an awesome selection of summer […]

  • DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale

    All our wines are special, but this wine is REALLY special.  We have a DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale, and we’re offering it to our loyal email subscribers first. All of our wines are special (we like to say that you can’t get a bad bottle of wine at Mora’s), but once in a while […]

  • Skip the Potato Salad, Bring Wine Instead

        This week at our free weekly tasting, you can snag some of our favorite wines from around the world – starting at a mere $9/bottle. From a powerful French rosé to a rockstar Spanish red, there’s something to please everyone. If you can’t make it to our free weekly tasting, you can still snag the […]